Integrate Triple Loop Learning

10 May 2023



The second occasion of the workshops about anticipating future skills will be organised during the ELIA Academy 2023 in Évora, Portugal, hosted by ELIA and Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar – HBKS. The focus of the workshop is a triple loop learning framework that combines the effective adoption of existing (and validated) skillsets the co-creative development of new skillsets and a flexible framework to respond to disruptive changes with future skillsets.

This workshop guides the audience through processes and methods to identify relevant skills and raise awareness around explicit and implicit skill sets.

Using the GreenComp as an exemplary framework, participants will engage in conversation around questions about curricular design, organizational design matters and the cross-organizational processes of transformation in the cultural and creative industries sector.

The GreenComp is used as a training manual, which allows participants to enhance their knowledge and understanding of transversal skillsets and the need for up-skilling of academic staff when it comes to the green transition and the consequent new curriculum design needs for higher arts education. 

The Cyanotypes workshop hopes to be a first step towards our future literacy and future of education. CYANOTYPES brings together a wide variety of organisations, stakeholders, and European networks to address the needs and skills gaps in the Cultural & Creative Industries. Based on innovative multidisciplinary approaches, CYANOTYPES tackles the sector’s potential for innovation and competitiveness, which deals as well with challenges presented by, among others, COVID-19, the digital transition, and the green shift.

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Sónia Alves

Sónia works on the intersections of art (with a focus on media art), media theory and history, and design. Most recently she was involved in the bauhaus imaginaries research project as well as in researching in the historical context of cybernetics and complex system theory. At present, her interest has developed into the fields of neo-cybernetics and artificial intelligence. She is currently part of the K8 / HBKS team. In addition to CYANOTYPES, she is also active in the development of the regional start-up support ecosystem.


Soenke Zehle

As a media theorist, Soenke writes, teaches and curates on all things linked to collaborative research projects at the interfaces of art, technology and design. Co-founder of xm:lab – Experimental Media Lab at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKS, Academy of Fine Arts Saar), associate researcher at the Ubiqitous Media Technologies Lab (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), co-founder and co-managing director of the research-based transformation organization K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik gGmbH. Current research interests include anticipation and collective intelligence design. 

Soenke is the project lead of HBKS in the CYANOTYPES project.  

Full bio available here 


André Forte

Head of Business Development for the Arts @ UPTEC

Representing  EIT Culture & Creativity



ELIA Academy 2023 invites all arts educators, students practitioners and professionals to situate yourself in the city of Évora. Explore the situatedness of this culture, heritage and place. Experience Portugal’s Alentejo plain as a confluence of complex interwoven histories and artistic sensibilities. Bring your own perspectives and engage with this celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site as arts educators, students, practitioners and professionals. Reflect on how art is created now and how it is defining its value for the future. Take a moment to consider your place in time and space, and share what situatedness means to you.

Explore new learnings that will inform our work environments, teaching practices, research and artistic investigations. Take this opportunity at ELIA Academy 2023 to reflect on the past and present as we forge new futures together.

Hosted by the University of Évora, School of the Arts, from 10 – 12 May 2023 in Évora, Portugal.


10 May 2023

10:00 – 10:15 Design Competence Ecosystem
  • Intro: Future Skilling, Competence Ecosystem, TL as design method to get from individual to ecosystem (directly/via organisation)
  • Overview WS: share language, concept matrix for “journeys”
10:15 – 10:30 Build a Shared language
  • “Triple Loop” (loop > shift to spatial thinking, “space of possibility”, architectures of learning etc.
  • Matrix: we have multiple ways to explore these loops – most of our key terms have these three registers
10:30 – 11:00 Exploring the Matrix
  • Explore paths across matrix based on organisational personas to identify possible interfaces to loop 3
11:00 – 11:30 Enter the Third Loop
  • Share outcomes (how can an organisation get to the third loop and connect to the ecosystem)
11:30 – 12:00 Prototype Futures
  • Introduce the EIT as a new “ecosystem builder”amplifying individual and/or organisational agency