Event: Adapting ESCO for the needs of the CCSI (23 May 2023)

Adapting ESCO for the needs of the CCSI 23 May 2023 In-person Theme Employment information about the Cultural Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) is fragmented and thus hard to find, mainly because it is organised in different formats and classifications that do not fully interoperate in capturing the professional world. Therefore, it is a challenge […]

Event: Integrate Triple Loop Learning (10 May 2023)

Integrate Triple Loop Learning 10 May 2023 In-person Theme The second occasion of the workshops about anticipating future skills will be organised during the ELIA Academy 2023 in Évora, Portugal, hosted by ELIA and Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar – HBKS. The focus of the workshop is a triple loop learning framework that combines the effective […]

Event: Build an Ecosystem View (2 May 2023)

Building an Ecosystem View 2 May 2023 Online Theme As part of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023, CYANOTYPES will organise a workshop in order to address the future digital skills.  This workshop aims at reaching out across skilling frameworks – linking our “future skilling” conversation to the work done in the DigComp Community of Practice. […]

Event: Rethinking Urgencies (27 & 28 April 2023)

Rethinking Urgencies 27 ━ 28 April 2023 Hybrid Theme After the pandemic, amidst the digital shift and green transitions, and a war in Europe, how can we respond to complexity squared in times of multiple crisis situations? The purpose of this two-day workshop is to launch the process of mapping urgent skills needs across all […]


CYANOTYPES brings together a wide variety of organisations, stakeholders, and European networks to address the needs and skills gaps in the Cultural & Creative Industries. Based on innovative multidisciplinary approaches, CYANOTYPES tackles the sector’s potential for innovation and competitiveness, which deals as well with challenges presented by, among others, COVID-19, the digital transition, and the green shift.  

Cyanotypes Expert Meeting 22 November 2022

Cyanotypes Expert Meeting 22 November 2022 Photo and Video galleries Gallery 1 photo gallery Click Here Gallery 2 video gallery Click Here Gallery 3 photo gallery Click Here CYANOTYPES brings together a wide variety of stakeholders for the Cultural & Creative Industries to provide a solid basis for the development of a strategic approach to […]