Creative Skills Week 2024

In its 2nd edition, Creative Skills Week invites you to participate in the MAIN PROGRAMME, a two-day curated programme, in Amsterdam!


The main feature of Creative Skills Week 2023, Anticipating Creative Futures is a two-day programme designed to assemble stakeholders from diverse disciplines within the Cultural and Creative Sector Industries (CCSI) to spark new opportunities and ignite new ideas. The event ensures maximum interaction and participatory activities to harness collective wisdom. Punctuated with interactive sessions, this event ensures every participant’s voice is acknowledged and valued.

Driving the Green Transition

This upcoming two-day workshop titled, Driving the Green Transition, is taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 14 – 15 September 2023, hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU.

Collective Intelligences

This workshop sets out to critically investigate the potential of collective intelligences that bring together human and non-human actors. 


Employment information about the Cultural Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) is fragmented and thus hard to find, mainly because it is organised in different formats and classifications that do not fully interoperate in capturing the professional world. Therefore, it is a challenge for users to find their way in e.g., job portals, or funding platforms. Even more challenging is to produce objective information that can be used in strategic or political discussions.

Integrate Triple Loop Learning

The second occasion of the workshops about anticipating future skills will be organised during the ELIA Academy 2023 in Évora, Portugal, hosted by ELIA and Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar – HBKS.

Building an Ecosystem View

This workshop aims at reaching out across skilling frameworks – linking our “future skilling” conversation to the work done in the DigComp Community of Practice.

Rethinking Urgencies

After the pandemic, amidst the digital shift and green transitions, and a war in Europe, how can we respond to complexity squared in times of multiple crisis situations?