We are here representing Belgian audiovisual film and digital industry employers. If we want to solve problems regarding skills and incompetencies, we need to do it at a European level and not just a regional level. 

Joost Bevernage, Mediarte

We see a lot of urgent skills – from programmers to game designers and game artists to sound designers to music makers – we basically need a bit of everything involved in game making.

Viktor Wollstad, Swedish Games Industry

Being part of Cyanotypes is an opportunity to explore the most relevant topics related to CCI and to contribute to minimise the needs and gaps of the sector collaboratively with all CYANOTYPES partners.

Susanna Nogueira, EfVET

Film and TV are moving away from being shot outdoors and into a virtual production where we can recreate this. This affects every profession. Now that everything is digital it now requires much more knowledge (in future skills).

Charlotte Gimfalk, Yrkesnämnden för Film och TV


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